Saturday, October 8, 2011

Change Action and Achieve Wonders

Change Action and Achieve Wonders
Writer: Suhardi

Change Action and Achieve Wonders
A man was waiting to be thrown off a plane in an airport lounge. Hose 30 minutes later, a voice that comes out of the speakers told the passengers that the flight number so the purpose of X immediately boarded the plane.

The man then boarded the plane and find a seat according to ticket. Incidentally he sat beside the emergency exit or emergency exit doors. Not long later after all the passengers were on the seat, there came a flight attendant who approached the man.

Beautiful flight attendant told her, "Excuse me sir. Incidentally you sit beside the emergency exit. For that we request your cooperation. If something comes up and forced to land an emergency, please open the emergency door you this so that passengers can get out of an emergency. For more details, please read the safety instructions in the instruction book. "

The man rose to nod their heads to understand what the stewardess was. Then he and another flight attendant immediately provide safety instructions to passengers when the plane began to walk slowly toward the runway.

The plane managed to takeoff and the air leaving the airport. Everything was progressing normally and no problems at all. But in the middle of the journey, the aircraft engine suddenly problematic and should be made an emergency landing. The passengers panicked. They were asked to wear a safety vest and pray that does not happen.

The man was sitting beside the emergency exit immediately remembered the words of the stewardess had to immediately open an emergency exit in case of problems. So he immediately opened the emergency door. He tried to open, but the door does not open. At the moment the plane closer to the mainland, he was increasingly panicked and pushed with all his strength, punching and even kicking the door. But, the door still will not open.

He began to surrender. He thought his life would soon end. Emergency door would not open and he would not make it out alive. But fortunately, turned out to be an emergency landing the plane safely though a little crushed. All passengers survived and none were seriously injured although many of them were so shocked.

Aircraft door finally opened and the passengers and immediately rushed out to save themselves. The man had come out at a rapid pace. Fortunately nothing happened that gruesome. All breathe easier because of the critical period has passed.

He was then recalled by the flight attendant who was giving instructions to him. He was soon looking for and finally succeeded him. He said with a little angry, "You told me to open the emergency exit, but the door did not open."

Then the flight attendant replied, "The door is functional and not damaged."

The man replied in exasperation, I pushed and kicked the door until my hand away in pain, but still not open. "

Hearing the man's explanation, the flight attendant sighed and shook his head and said, "The door must be pulled, not pushed, opens a new can. Are you'd read the instruction book?"

The man's face red with embarrassment. He said, "I do not read it."

Message to readers:

The story above may be common in most people. They are doing something, but when they want to get different results, they instead continue to do the same thing over and over again. That's called "crazy" by Albert Einstein, who refers to people who keep doing the same action and hoping for different results.

If you plant an orange seed, then you will harvest oranges. If you do not want to oranges, but apples, then you have to plant an apple seed. That's a simple analogy. But many people are stuck with a lemon seeds to plant, hoping to harvest apples.

Often success can not be achieved because it is not sensitive to the results obtained and continue to do the same. In fact one of the success formula is flexible with the action we take. If we take actions that continue to bring disappointing results, that means we have to change and take different actions. If it fails again, we must act again in a different way until we succeed. That is what is called flexible.

Many people are not flexible. As a result, they keep doing the wrong thing. Even they do not realize that such actions bring them in the wrong direction. No wonder many do not understand why they still have not succeeded yet been acted and never give up.

Often success is so close to us. The distance to within a degree of flexibility of our actions. If it is not flexible and keep doing the same action is wrong, then do not expect success to come even though the success was so close. Is it possible to see the sunrise, if you always run to the west?

Suhardi (Author of "Patterns of Success")