Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Road to Success

The Road to Success
Writer: Suhardi

The Road to Success
there was a time, a man was walking in a place to search for treasure. Until finally, he arrived at a fork of three. Incidentally there are parents who were standing on the edge of the crossroads.

He was confused because there are three roads leading in different directions. He was hard to decide not to choose the way you want to go. Then he asked the old man, "Hey, old man. May I ask? I was on my way looking for treasure. But in front of me there are three different paths. Can you show me the right way?"

The old man did not answer. He just pointed the way first.

The man thanked her and immediately take the first road.

A few moments later, the man who'd come back again. But this time his whole body stained with mud. He approached the old man and said, "Hey, old man. Just now I asked directions to the treasure and you are pointing to the first street. But I'm actually stuck into the mud pool area. My body would get dirty like this." He then asked, "Now where the path to the treasure? Please show me!"

The old man remained silent. He then pointed to the path of the two.

The man then thanked her and immediately take the latter path.

A few moments later, he was back again. Her body is not only exposed deep mud, but also filled with torn pants and leg injuries such as scratches something.

This time he approached the old man with facial expressions kesal.Ia said with a little angrily, "Hey, old man! I was just asking directions to the treasure and you are pointing to the latter path. But, the road was full of brambles. My whole leg so injured by scratches of thorns. "

This time he asked, "Now I ask you again, where the road to the treasure? You had twice lied and hurt me. Once again lied, you will know the consequences."

The old man remained silent, without removing a word. He is now pointing to the road to three.

"Are you confident and do not lie?" he asked.

The old man nodded his head and once again pointed to the third street.

The man immediately left the old man. But a few moments later, he returned again as he ran like scared. With shortness of breath, he asked angrily, "Hey, old man! Do you want to kill me? On the road there was a lot of wild animals. That is tantamount to looking dead."

The old man finally opened his mouth, saying, "All the roads were actually able to go to the treasure. It's just to get there, you have to go through that path. You can choose the past a pool of mud, thorn bush, or wild animals. You can select one. If you really want to go to where the treasure, you must dare to pass through one of them. If you do not want, please return it. "

Once mendegar explanation of the old man, he bowed his head. He backed up, canceled his trip and return home ...

Message to readers:

I'm sure everyone in the spirit will answer "Yes" when asked if they want to achieve success. But most do not dare to answer when asked if they are willing to pay the price. The fact that often happens is that many people are not willing to take the path of success that looks very heavy. They just want to directly reach the finish line, but do not ever want to put step to achieve the finish line.

One of the challenges you face while struggling to achieve success is to push yourself to go forward despite the way that you are very heavily traveled, winding, and full of obstacles. The challenge is what often makes a person become shriveled balls. The challenge is what ultimately led to a lot of people do not dare to pay the price of success. They are not prepared to pay and would prefer to forget they want to achieve success.

No matter what goals you want to accomplish, obstacles still exist and will not be lost. Where there is success, there are obstacles that obstruct it. Only successful people who dare to face the hurdles after hurdles to finally reach the goal. Instead people prefer to surrender failed. And more sadly, they do not even dare to try to see how hard the journey that must be passed. Mentally they are already defeated long before they start.

Obstacles will always stand in front of success. You have to dare to pass through before it managed to get success. There are two choices, complain and blame the hurdles it or push yourself to overcome these obstacles. You may blame the obstacles that seem to always facing you. But try to think about, whether that barrier will disappear by way of spilling your resentment? No way!