Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dreams and Fighting

Dreams and Fighting

author: Andrie Wongso

Dreams and Fighting
Narrated, in 1867, there lived a German-born engineer named John Augustus Roebling. He dreamed of building a bridge that connects New York City and Long Island. John's dream did not get support even ridiculed by many of his friends. They assume that the project is the idea most crazy and impossible! So, John was only able to share the dream with his son, Washington Roebling. Washington is also a technical expert. Father and son fought together to realize that dream.

When the project has been running for several months, there was a fatal accident. Unfortunately, because of the help that late, John Roebling could not be saved. As for Washington, although his life survived, but suffered severe injuries on his head which left him paralyzed and unable to speak. However, impaian his father about the "bridge" never goes out of his mind.

One day, when Washington lay helpless on his bed, he saw daylight through the window of his room, blinding and painful eye. Soon his eyelids closed, and at that time also, there arose a consciousness, "Today I can still enjoy the beautiful glow of the sun, meaning, God is still giving me time to do. And I must not give up! "With every effort he was concentrating and trying to move a finger. The work done over and over with enthusiasm and concentration, was not in vain. He managed to move his finger! Slowly, Washington was able to make the code to communicate with his wife, Emily, through one's fingers.

Even so slowly at first, in a way like that, Washington gave instructions to her to proceed with creating the bridge. All instructions given to Emily and then conveyed further to loyal employees who helped to achieve their dreams. So repeatedly. Them through various obstacles that are not few in number. It took a long time to struggle with all the remaining strength and toughness, and it took over 13 years to realize his dream. Finally, in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge) stands majestically in the City of New York, United States.

Exceptional companions,

The story above is an example of that positive thoughts and the real struggle is capable of holding tight and could realize what a dream in which if the impossible possible!

How extraordinary power of the human mind! The human mind can make life miserable or happy, fail or succeed, ordinary or extraordinary. If we follow the negative thoughts, then our lives it will be negative as well: life is full of anxiety, passivity, fear and lack. But if we are able to develop positive thinking, optimistic, positive and always hopeful, and have a high commitment in realizing all his dreams, then we will live with passion, gratitude, happy, successful, and happy ... every day!

Let us choose to live with a positive mindset. We choose to live with positive activities. And we choose so that our quality of life is useful for us and for many people ...!

Regards successful, Extraordinary!