Thursday, September 29, 2011

Distinguishing Intonation mean

Distinguishing Intonation mean

Once, on one day in a small village, a carpenter received a letter. Because of illiteracy, then hurriedly went to a butcher he knew, who had a strong character, to ask for help reading the letter.
Distinguishing Intonation mean
 "It's a letter from your son," cried the butcher. "Here he said: Dad, I'm sick and penniless cent. Please send me some money as soon as possible. Your son. "Thus, the letter was read in a voice loud and harsh tones by the butcher. Instantly the carpenter was angry. He said, "You ungrateful child! So she is, can rule me, father? Do not think I'll send him cent! "

In his anger, he returned home. But the journey, he met his friend, a tailor who soft-spoken. So he told me about the letter earlier.

"Why do not you see my boy this letter!" He said.

The seamstress then read the letter in her gentle, calm, and clear.

Suddenly, another very meaningful letter. The carpenter had to be sad. "Oh my poor!" She said anxiously. "He must have suffered, I'd better send her money now."

A wise friend ...

The message is very dependent on the manner of delivery. Often, the conflict between couples, friends, or colleagues, arises not because there is a large and complex problem that can not be solved. But because we can not manage to deliver a thing.

Please note: for example when we disagree with the opinion of someone, you should convey to the patient, friendly, and clear. So who heard it will be easier to accept / digest and more contention can be avoided.

Come, learn to behave better in the "wrap" message that we want to convey.