Sunday, September 18, 2011

In Fate's in our Hands grip

In  Fate's in our Hands grip
In  Fate's in our Hands grip

Politics  always bear his heroic example.  Helle Thorning-Schmidt's victory  in the Danish general election 15 September 2011  reminded the world that these women politicians never give up. As a woman, he faces a big challenge to achieve that position.  He must convince his people that a woman can lead Denmark.

His struggle has been a long time he did and failed at the election victory of 2007 when just one step away. Now he is waiting for the inauguration to become Denmark's first woman Prime Minister as well as showing that the emancipation of the country's going well.

In Indonesia, the struggle for the emancipation of women has always identified with RA Kartini. Now many Indonesian women who become leaders within small organizations, enterprises, ministries, and even became president. Kartini message has been practiced.

Actually the essence of the message is universal and self-reliance doctrine implies that thick. Meaning not only for women but men as a whole. That one's fate is determined by the people themselves, not by others. Success is determined by the person himself, rather than relying on people for help.