Friday, September 23, 2011

Sports - Suffering Or Pleasure ?

Sports - Suffering Or Pleasure?
Author: Ade Rai

Regular exercise often regarded as an affliction. But by those who enjoy it, take it as a pleasure.

Why there are two sides of view of a thing?

The answer lies in the MEANING we CHOOSE to give to the sport activity itself.
Who regard sports as a consideration SUFFERING:
- AVOID SHORT TERM Passion of exercise such as aches and fatigue.
- LOOKING FOR SHORT TERM PLEASURE by choosing to use his time to activities other than exercise, such as sleeping, eating, and others.

Who regard sports as a PLEASURE to have consideration:
- AVOID THE LONG-TERM miserable from not exercising as fat accumulation, the onset of degenerative diseases that are often delivered in the doctor's verdict, and others.
- LOOKING FOR LONG TERM PLEASURE by choosing to stay healthy, fit, strong into old age, so do not bother children and grandchildren, even can continue working and provide for longer mercy to anyone he loves.

All of this back to the meaning we give to something, in this case SPORTS. Another word of meaning is a CHOICE WE DELIVER IN FOCUS.

We can choose to focus on sport as miserable, or we can choose to focus on sport as MEANS, STRATEGY to achieve an outcome that we desire in a way that FUN .

Choice is in our hands. And ... just as our choice to interpret NUTRITION & REST REGULARLY.