Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life Full of Gratitude

Life Full of Gratitude

author : Andrie Wongso

Life Full of Gratitude
Who live in the mountains miss the beach. Who live in the coastal mountains missed.
In the dry season, missed the rainy season. In the rainy season, missed the dry season.
Black-haired, admiring the blonde. The blond, admiring the black.
Stay home, yearn to travel. After traveling, homesick.
When still be an employee, want to be entrepreneurs in order to have time to work for free As soon become an entrepreneur, instead want to be employees, so enggak dizziness ...
Quiet time, searching the crowd. Busy time, seeking peace.
When I was single, wanted a handsome husband / wife beautiful. Once it can be husband and handsome / beautiful wife, actually even want the biasa2 only, so not jealous / afraid of cheating
When a child has one, many children crave. When it had many children, longing for one child only.
Remarkable friend,
When happiness will we get if we always think about what is not there, but ignore what is already owned?
Be a person who is always grateful for the blessings we already have yαng!
How could a small piece of leaf that can cover this vast earth? Far from earth, it is difficult to cover the palm of the hand! But if this little leaf stuck in our eyes, then tertutuplah earth!
So also when our hearts, when covered with the slightest bad thought, then we will see evil everywhere. This earth will look bad.
Come, do not close our eyes, although only with a small leaf. Do not also cover our hearts, even if its just a bad thought / negative! When our heart is closed, tertutuplah all .. Thankful for what I had, because life is a boon for the souls who sincerely.